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Spring Shadows

The first week of every month is always such an inventory disaster in SL. All the new hunts and events begin and loots keep piling up! At the moment the big lagfest of a shopping spree is Culture Shock. I’ve managed to crawl through the lag a couple of times now, but no doubt I’ll return. Another squee-worthy thing is Where is… Hunt, which doesn’t seem to have a blog, but the starting point is in Cynful. Third thing I have to mention for this post is that LISP has set a little discount area where everything is 1-10L. Dollarbies were never this cute!

The top from Aoharu isn’t a part of any of those things, but I had to have it. Aoharu ❤ It really comes in two pieces, making it a longer tunic (or a short dress by SL standards), but I love the cropped top. The fruity necklace is by Sweet Leonard (Where is… Hunt) and the feathery hairdress is one of the older group gifts by Sweet Leonard & Needful Things. (Still available, though.) The frame with the birdy and eggs is from the above-mentioned LISP sale. Pose is by LAP.

Sonya is such a skirt-girl that I swear I’ve -bought- maybe three pairs of pants in all her SL life. Of course I’ve kept more than that from hunts and whatnot, but… still. I don’t know what it says that this pair of high-waisted flared floral pants by Peqe is one of the rare few. I just couldn’t resist the texture and it was the first thing that I yoinked from Culture Shock. I added the necklace top by LeeZu to it and it really doesn’t need anything else to be stunning. The fun feather-decorated bag hanging from the frame on the wall is another of old (still available) group gifts by Sweet Leonard & Needful Things. The noms on the table are sweet rice cakes wrapped in oak leaves, a freebie from Nonino-Zacca for Kodomo-no-hi, Children’s Day. The rest of the furniture is from that LISP sale. The skybox is by Zacca, an old hunt prize. Sonya’s wearing her usual League skin, Poetic Colors eyes and Redgrave lashes in all the pictures, as well as a fun bob by LOQ Hairs.


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