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It’s All About the Hat~

What do pirates and jägers have in common? …actually, a lot of things, but the relevant answer is their love for hats. Hats are a part of who you are and an important rank signifying tool. Since I happen to be very fond of both scoundrel types my first thought upon finding a nize hat was not Derby. No, it was a ladylike privateer. I was aiming for a more piratesque look, but have you ever tried to find a Victorian double-row buttoned lace-ruffled coat in powdered sky blue? Yeah, didn’t think so. So what turned out was less of a pirate and more a privateering pirate huntress.

“Be very, very quiet, we’re hunting pirates…” This was the first time I played with windlight settings on water and my jaw remained rather dropped. It’s ridiculous how no one tells you exactly how gorgeous SL can be with such small setting changes. The sim is Black Spot Shipyard where all these gorgeous ships are for sale. As for the hat, it’s by LaGyo and I have lusted after it for ages. Now that she’s having a spring sale (-50%) going on it’s finally mine, mine, mine! (Pose by Olive Juice.)

~Nobody saw our broad sides out their window,  Nobody heard our trapdoor swinging open, Nobody saw our cannons taking aim,  Nobody heard my whispered “Fire – blow their sides!”~ You have to listen to Abney Park when you’re playing pirate games, no matter which side you are on. *nods sagely* The privateering outfit is by Bare Rose. This shouldn’t be any kind of surprise. When in doubt, turn to Bare Rose. Especially if you’re looking for a costume of any sort. (Pose by Niqotine Poses.)

“En garde, sir!” This is where I really started gaping at the graphics. So shiny! The rapier is a freebie from Pirate Store by uv22e Alcott (not available anymore). I should update it one of these days… Sonya’s always been more rapier than cutlass girl. Elegance is important. Speaking of, the wonderfully curlique shoes are by Grim Bros. (Pose by Poise.)

“Onto the next target…” I had to take one clearer and less windlight-played picture just to show off the outfit and hat colours properly. As for the rest of the privateer, skin is by League, eyes by Poetic Colors, lashes by Redgrave, hair by Sky Everett. Very usual Sonya-combination. As for the jewelry, the privateer lady is somewhat modest. Simple sapphire earrings by Ganked and a diamond navel piercing by Flirt is all that she’s wearing. (Pose by LAP.)

~With lightning bolts quite far aloft and gentle wind below, the Captain’s crew and battered ship sailed into sunset’s glow~


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