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52 Colours: Olive

I actually found several olive things in my inventory, some of them were even labeled olive! I find this surprising. Another surprising thing is that Miss Olive told me in no uncertain terms that she would be kicking some serious behind and would not be sitting pretty in a skybox. So, off to S.I.C49 we went!

Miss Olive is also the first of my colour-girls to get two pictures. She told me she needed two and I didn’t dare to object! The outfit is mostly by Mimikri, except for the velvet tanktop by Sn@tch, fishnet gloves by DV8 and torn fishnet tights by Sheer. The glaring green eyes and the eye make-up are by The Plastik. The fantastic armband with letter-change script nametag (three letters) is by Yabusaka. Skin is by League and lashes by Redgrave, as usual. Pose by Estetica.

Her hair with the headband and skulls is by Urban Assault. The facial piercings by Virtual Insanity are all linked into one item. The shorter necklace is by Loulou&Co and the longer by Little Pricks. Earrings are by Silver Wheel. The face stripes are by YaYo. All of these are old hunt items. Pose by Niqotine Poses.

There’s more windlight and other enhancement play than usual, but the environment just forced my hand! Nothing to do with Miss Olive glaring at me at all! <.<


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