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Paint it purple~

This post is about two things. First, Paint SL Purple week has started. For a week you can show your support to Relay for Life by wearing purple and/or making your SL purple in some other way — paint your black doors purple for a week! The second thing is that Sn@tch is having a spring sale until Monday. I tried to include this in the title, but ended up snickering at any possible combination and gave up.

These socks have been hovering in my shopping list for a while and were an absolute must-buy purchase from the sale. Especially since they come in a fatpack of colours. The outfit is by Sn@tch as well and the combination was sort of… vintage good girl considering going bad. I added a Virtual Insanity necklace and Violet Voltaire earrings to the look and rezed a skybox by III to work as the background. I mutilated the house for a while by turning huge chunks of it transparent to let the sunlight in. The pose is by Striking Poses.

What did you expect? Obvious result is obvious. *grins* The pin-up stool is by Diesel Works and the feather boa by Callie Cline. I love both. Proper vintage pin-up is so awesome. I set local lights on for the occasion, as well. The dress and gloves are by Sn@tch — another thing I absolutely had to get from the sale. The fishnet tights are by Bad Juju and the shoes are by G Field. I swear I keep all but sleep-porting to G Field all the time to get just another pair of shoes. Just one more. <.< Hair in both pictures is by Waka & Yuki, skin by League, eyes by Poetic Colors, lashes by Redgrave and make-up by Mynerva.


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