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Fireflies in Chakryn Forest

I’m pretending that this post is about the awesome fireflies by LAP from Culture Shock. In reality this is a completely self-indulgent pretty place exploration post complete with wearing Evie and Sky to maximize the squee effect.

Have you been to Chakryn Forest? If you haven’t, fix this lack of SL enjoyment immediately! Play with your windlight settings to maximize the oohh-factor and if your computer can handle it, put the shadows on.

I lacked in flowy white clothing and felt something darker was appropriate, so here’s a sorceress capturing fireflies. Speaking of fireflies, SL had a hiccup when I was buying them from the lagfest known as Culture Shock and never delivered them. I sent a polite notecard to Dove Swanson with the transaction history and she sent me the fireflies the following day. Wonderful customer service should always be mentioned and squeed about. ❤

And here the sorceress is releasing the fireflies to do her bidding… little flickering spies flying all over. If the pose seems off it’s because I’m actually flying to take this. Chakryn Forest -is- a popular place, it took quite a bit of waiting and dodging to get clear backgrounds for the pictures!

The gown is by Evie’s Closet and every time I wear one of her creations I realize that I need more excuses to wear them. *sighs* Hair is by Sky Everett and one of -the- sonya-hairs. You can’t get more vintage goth than that, I absolutely adore it. Sonya might run about in bobs these days, but when she needs long hair, this is the go-to ‘do. The rest is the usual Sonya-combo of skin by League, eyes by Poetic Colors and lashes by Redgrave.


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