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Friday the 13th

I was going to start this post by declaring that unless you’re a templar with a time machine visiting 1307, you have nothing to worry about, but apparently there are plenty of theories on why Friday the 13th is supposedly unlucky. I sort of like the scorned Frigga one, I can imagine her being all hissy.

Obviously I had to make a black cat post for today. Usually if I put on ears and go kemonomimi I turn into a bunny, but there’s no mean bunny days so kitty-time it is! (No, the Monty Python bunny doesn’t count. <.<)

Lazy kitty lounging on a mouse trap, waiting for noms. The mouse trap is by Virtual Props & Poses (old hunt gift) and the floating furniture are from a spooky skybox by Snow Bound. I originally had the skybox in the picture as well, but it was no-mod so I couldn’t mutilate it to let the light in, so I decided to go for surreal wall-less look instead. The other black kitties are by A.I. Friends (the one near the boots), XD Fusion (on the mouse trap base) and Pink Fuel (clinging to the trap part).

~I’m gonna catch you, little batty~ The stones, the tree and the bats are all a part of a graveyard by Foxworth Creations. The pose is by Poise and worked perfectly for the kittiness. Kitty has a Mynerva skin with a scar on her cheek (from Mynerva’s birthday gift hunt), black-based neko-eyes by Urban Dare and a slinky black tail and twitchy ears by Kosh. She also has cyber kitteh boots by DV8, because I’m not too fond of the big prim paws, but wanted something else than shoes. The slinky latex outfit is by Dare Designs. Why yes, ‘slinky’ is the keyword here. We are talking of felines, after all. The bangles (and the nails & rings in the first picture) are by Mandala. The snake tattoo and what little you may see of the padlocked collar are by Sn@tch. The nose chain is by Wild Style Fashions and the hair & hat combo is by Waka & Yuki. It felt like an appropriate mix of mock-military kick-assness mixed with grungy comfiness.


2 thoughts on “Friday the 13th

  1. Cool look Sonya! I had made the nose chain as a limited edition thing, and realized it wasn’t out on the floor anymore when I saw your blog – so I put it out in the main store in case any wants one. 🙂

  2. Thank you! It is an awesome chain ❤ I don't keep much piercings around since I add them only to very specific costumes and looks, but that nose chain was absolutely perfect to keep for moments like this.

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