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52 Colours: Pink

Pink is pretty much the doom song for me. Personally I think that no one beside girls under the age of five should be allowed to wear it. However, when I tread in an unknown territory that I’m not too fond of, I rather go overboard with it than try to make it sensible. There’s nothing sensible about pink!

Thus Miss Pink is actually of the opinion that all the people in sensible clothes should eat cake. And cupcakes. And tart. And cookies. Preferably with strawberries included. Possibly whipped cream. Why yes, I did turn pink into decadence and actually had a lot of fun while doing so!

All of the actual clothing pieces – corset, top and socks – are by Sn@tch. I had been waiting for some strange pastel tone that I never use to come up so I could yoink these corsets for it, they’re so perfect for adding huge hairdo and going all pompadour. The hair is by BC322 (lucky board) and absolutely hilarious, taking the art of sticking-odd-things-in-your-hair to new levels! The pearls are by DECO (short ones), Diapop (the straight hanging ones), Milk Motion (over the shoulder and down the back) and Shiny Things (draped over the shoulder and down the arm). I dyed both Milk Motion and Shiny Things pearls and turned some feathers transparent from the Milk Motion ones. The pearls on the gloves received same treatment, dyed them pink and clicked off full-bright. The gloves are by Bygone Beauty.

Skin is by Heartsick, eyes by Umedama Holic, make-up by Kosh, lashes by Redgrave, heartstickers by MiaSnow and the monocle with gummibears by Sanu. As for the noms, there’s a cookie jar by Magic Nook and a teetering tower of teacups by Ingenue (meant to be worn as a hat, an old Kawaii Hunt prize). The rest of the noms are by Poche, except the mouth nom on a fork by Evie’s Closet. The bed is by Falln and the background is the front of a skybox by Lo*momo.


14 thoughts on “52 Colours: Pink

  1. OH MY!!!! LOL. Now that is a striking look and if you get hungry you can nibble while you are getting your light JUST RIGHT *wink*. Fun!

  2. LOL YAY great minds think alike on the hair!!! But damn you look awesome, love everything about this photo and once again I cant stop lookin at how cool you look in yet another colour LOL!!!

    Vintage, shabby chic, with an Alice in wonderland spice to it. This took some time to do, and you did a great job!!!

  4. Wow.. I love all of the accessories you used for Pink! Such great, interesting combinations! The teddy in the hanger is probably my fave 🙂

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