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Darker Streak

Anna was a quiet girl
who through eyelashes
watched the world.

and though she appeared
to be quite meek,
inside she harboured
a darker streak.

If you haven’t yet visited Anna’s Many Murders by Bryn Oh, please do. You’ll do yourself a favor and if you don’t, you’ll be kicking yourself later. When you land, take a moment to click the notes to get windlight settings and other graphic information to get most out of the experience. I took all the pictures with that windlight setting, but some of the pictures have local lights on and some not. I also did turn the angle of sunlight every now and then.

I don’t often ramble or mention what I’ve done in photoshop, but I feel this time I should. Every picture has a film grain filter on them and some of them got also a touch of curves to make them lighter — generally those taken without local lights on. This particular picture also got some sky fiddling because I managed to have the squares bug that often comes when taking huge pictures. Otherwise the pictures are untouched.

It seems our heroine manages to escape from the gigantic fox. It’s a miracle, considering what she’s wearing is hardly made for running. The dress, hat and shoes are all by Likka*House. She’s having a Rez Day Sale at the moment, so if you like kawaii dresses and lolita style — gothic or regular — hop over to shop today or tomorrow! It will be all over on Monday.

From fox to bees! Time to panic! The hair (colour-change scripted with colour-change bands as well) is from Waka & Yuki’s latest lucky chair. It felt so very gothic lolita appropriate that I had to wear it with this.

Why is it called Anna’s Many Murders, you may ask. Well. There were plenty of murders made by Anna. Mail man, grandpa, inspector, juror, judge, warden and more. This particular one is the warden. The whole experience is very surreal, slightly creepy and very jawdroppingly awesome.

Here is Anna, going through the final door. There’s a couple of wonderful videos made out of it all. Here’s the main one and this one you get a link to at this spot, in the end. For reasons you’ll understand.

As for the other credits, I added a make-up by Mynerva and cobweb face tattoo by Sassy Kitty Designs to Sonya’s usual League-skin. I also changed the normal grey Poetic Colors eyes into something slightly more surreal. The gloves and stockings are not a part of the outfit, but made by The Black Canary. The black heart ring is by Kosh. As for poses, the first picture’s pose is a part of the sim, but in order the rest are by: No Strings Attached, Niqotine, Poise, Croire and Olive Juice.

Take a break from expos, fairs and events, grab a cup of coffee and go stare in amazement while you wander. You’ll feel better afterwards!


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