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Future’s So Dark, I Gotta-

-wear cybernetic eye implants? Not such a good song title, I fear. I’ve been feeling like it’s October suddenly. The grid is so full of dark themed hunts that I was tempted to call this post Macabre May. There’s Dark Future Hunt, The Macabre Hunt, Zombie Killer Hunt and I saw several other posters for dark hunts while running about. I’ve also been meaning to poke at the Supernatural Hunt more.

The hunts brought me to absolutely delightful little skybox-pose-setting shop called Lievens. Below is their take on the Macabre Hunt’s theme: Pandora’s Box. I had so much fun playing with the little skybox-dressing rooms and props that for once I traded shadows for that. They were not modifiable so I couldn’t do my usual little cheat of turning parts transparent to let the sun and shadows in.

The cyber siren latex outfit is by Sassy!, the gearhouse hand implants by Malfean Visions, eye scanity implant by Grim Bros. and the bar code arm tattoos by Gaea Designs. All of these are from the Dark Future Hunt. The eyes and the slight cracks around them are a part of Souzou Eien’s Macabre gift that I was so fond of I used them in all of these pictures. Skin is Sonya’s usual League one and the hair is by Mirror. I worship their scifi hairs, yes I do. ❤

In the event of a zombie attack: be sure you’re carrying a big sword. Having a bike with dual machine guns and retractable blades won’t hurt, either. At least it won’t hurt you. <.< The bike is by M&M Celtic Designs and the sword is called Grim Punisher Broad Sword and was given in the same prize as the first fifty slurls for the Zombie Killer Hunt. The bike is obviously from that hunt as well. The shelter is by Snow Bound and the skybox used as the base setting is by Lievens, both of them from the Dark Future Hunt. The Apocalyptic Annie Leather Outfit is by Evil Bunneh and comes with the hair/helm/goggles combo. The shop was new to me and I was pleasantly surprised by the quality of the outfit and the shape of the prim clothes. Usually putting a prim top on Sonya is painful, but this one fit snug very easily. I added several tattoo layers to the look: Rasetsukoku’s from Macabre Hunt and two by Souzou Eien. I mentioned the cracking one earlier and I added Fairy Eyes – Flame from the Supernatural Hunt as well. Necklace is by Blaspheme, also from Zombie Killer Hunt. As for old, non-hunt things: skin by League, boots by COCO, lip piercing by Mariposa, pose by Niqotine and the burning rolled-up mock-cigar money by Djinn & Tonic. That’s all money’s good for when the zombie apocalypse comes!

Some future folks welcome the dark, though. Here’s the obvious and obligatory villainness lounging about. The helm, collar, bracelet and hand implants with the nifty circular saw are all by Bad Juju. The red latex outfit is by DV8, all of this from Dark Future Hunt. Much to my surprise the red boots by Beauty Killer (from an old hunt) fit with them perfectly. I mentioned this shelter by Snow Bound earlier, just showing it from another angle now. I changed into the Djinn & Tonic skin just for the matching, luscious lipstick. Pose is by Poise. Do not try this at home, children! Posing with circular saw is better left to virtual pixel professionals. (And villains. It’s in their 101.)


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