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Virtual Forecast: Sunnier

After so many dark-themed posts I decided that it was high time I did something sunny. Zombie apocalypse might happen tomorrow, but today there’s still time to head to the beach!

I googled ‘pretty beaches in SL’ and approached them with the scientific manner of picking at random until I found one I liked. Surf Braata Beach in Tortola felt very fitting for my little adventure in the sun. There were gigantic waves that people were actually surfing on! It looked really nifty. No surfing for our heroine, though. The moment I found this fun raft I knew she was shipwrecked.

It’s important that your shoes match your hairband when you’re drifting on the ocean. You never know when the pirates might appear! The shoes are by G Field and one of the very few non-black pairs of shoes I even own. So pretty ❤ The hairband with the flower is by Dragon Charm Designs from Albero Gacha Festival’s second round that has just started. The skirt is by MALT and the pose by Poise.

Having lost her skirt to the sea currents, it’s time for our heroine to blink in the sun and evaluate the situation. Bad sides: being lost and stranded who-knows-where. Good sides: being alive and still in possession of Mandala bangles. The Ming bikini by Sn@tch doesn’t exactly harm either. At least she’s appropriately clothed! Pose by LAP.

Actually, things could be so much worse… now all she needs is some sun lotion and a cocktail bar that serves colourful fruity girly drinks with lil umbrellas and she’s set! By the way: what is cuter than an awesome bob? That’s right, an asymmetric bob! I went to Dura to demo something else, but when I saw this hair it was love at first sight. Had to have. Pose by Poise, because Mojo was a silly Prince Regent and dropped a bunch on me. The rest is the usual default Sonya-combo of skin by League, eyes by Poetic Colors and lashes by Redgrave.

PS. I broke away from my usual filter fun in PhotoShop and after the initial square-bug fixes and liquify-touches here and there I let the pictures be as they were just to show how pretty SL can be. I used Nam’s Beach Scene settings for both sky and water.


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