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52 Colours: Neon Carrot

There is only one possible look that can sport neon carrot: space bunny! So, I poked around in my scifi costumes and bunny folders, opened some old boxes and tadah!

After a moment of photoshooting I realized something was missing. After a few re-arrangements this photoshoot got a secondary name: “Latte dreams.” Latte is my Ozimals bunny there, blissfully asleep. She’s dreaming of carrots. Or is she? Perhaps she’s dreaming of being Miss Neon Carrot, a brave space bunny zooming around with her carrot shooting gigantic gun and saving cute bun-boys from trouble! (No, the gun doesn’t really shoot carrots. It’s a dream!)

The picture is taken in a derelict space pod by ReTox and the wonderful gun is called ZE-X7 Hydra v17, but I have no idea of the maker. I’m pretty sure I got it from one of the older Steam Hunts, though. The awesome plugsuit is by PixelDolls (from their Hai Nakama series) and it was tintable, which made me a happy bunny. Hydraulic boots are by Gilded, jacked-in-arms wire things are by Burning Chrome and the pulsar bracelets by sYs. Latte’s carrot is made by Babydoll Lafontaine.

The hair with carrot tiara, the bunny ears & tail, the little flying bunnies circling around and the bunneh pride collar are all by Sanu. Many of these were old hunt prizes, though. She always has the cutest little hunts with stories. ❤ Skin is by Imabee, but I added a golden mask tattoo layer by Evie’s Closet to it. The monocle is by E&D Engineering and the eyes by Ruin. Pose is by Poise.


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