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The Chaos that is Inventory

What’s your number? Mine’s 15848 at the moment. I managed to get below 15k in February, but after that it’s been a constant struggle. Yes, I’m talking about the monster that is also known as the inventory. You look away and it has doubled and you have no idea how!

So then you roll your pixel sleeves and decide to do something about it. You box things you can’t bear to delete, you put boxes in other boxes, you delete landmarks and notecards, you make subfolders for subfolders, you delete extra layers you don’t need and you make more boxes… until they come crashing down on you! (No, not really, but boy does it feel like that.)

This is pretty much what happens when I’m sorting. Or I’m naked in the middle of the boxes, but more commonly I’m wearing bits and pieces of ten outfits and mismatched jewelry and the hair left from an outfit that’s long gone. The cute top is a part of G Field’s latest subscribo gift, by the way. I might need to get it in blue. …ohwait, I was supposed to reduce my inventory, not increase it! The skirt is a part of the generous pack in the group-only lucky chair at Silent Sparrow. The adorable penguin belt is from a gatcha by D-Lab. Hair is from one of the two completely free fatpacks at Lamb. Face sigil tattoo is a group gift by Fallen Gods Inc. and the silly watering can mouthie piercing is a group gift by Sweet Leonard & Needful Things. I know I got the earrings by Donna Flora and bracelets by Mashooka in bigger sets and for free, but I have no idea if they are still available. The hairband is by u.f.o. and from Albero’s Gatcha Festival going on at the moment. Socks are by Concrete Flowers and the shoes by G Field. Yes, I’m wearing a mismatched pair, that’s what happens when you’re sorting!

The picture is taken in a steampunk sky dressingroom by Aliah Hirano (an old hunt gift, methinks) and the ant matchbox coffee table and teapot lamp are by LISP, from the sale area. The coffee on the table is another group gift by Sweet Leonard & Needful Things. The rest is a part of the dressingroom. Sonya’s default League skin and Poetic Colors eyes are a given. The pose is by Niqotine Poses and looks appropriately like she’s either going to tear her hair out or just generally go crazy.


2 thoughts on “The Chaos that is Inventory

  1. Not to mention old stuff you’d absolutely refuse to wear if you’d manage to find them! ;_; My latest SL-yey has been realizing that I can delete alternative layer options of stuff since these days you can just Add, even if it’d be the same layer!

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