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I’m hopping on one. Well, after I’ve got my coffee. The bandwagon in question is of course 2ndhub. Apparently a lot of people had Facebook-profiles for their avatars and Facebook went and deleted them. I’m way too much of a private person to link Facebook to my SL, but the new hangout that is just for SL avatars seems like a fun thing. They report having had over 400 newcomers after this FB stunt, so good for them! Anyways, friend me if you wanna~

As for that coffee, pay close attention to the rings in this picture:

Aren’t they the best thing ever? They’re by Bewildebeest and the moment I saw them I was already half-materialized in her shop after the teleport, waving my linden wallet at the vendor. After trying them on and looking around I realized I was actually in the PixelDolls main store and I also realized I hadn’t re-subscribed after my latest gaming break. So I did and also found pretty freebies! The shirts in both pictures are from those. The bedhair in this picture is a freebie from booN and the shorts by Sn@tch. The sugar espresso she’s crawling toward is a freebie from Sugar Mill Poses and the pose is by Niqotine Poses. The wonderful caffeine addiction house is by Firefly Fashions. I think it was a hunt prize from one of the old Addiction Hunts. Here’s the top of the house… well, with an added wagon by Zacca.

Yes, there’s an improvised coffee shower and pool in the bandwagon. The white thing in the corner is a gigantic sugarcube. The mini-mini skirt & one stocking are by Sn@tch, from one of the old Black Bacchanals. …do they still arrange them? I haven’t seen any mentioned since my latest return. The boots are by MiaSnow from Happy When It Rains Event. The guitar and the pose with it are by Glitterati and the necklace is a subscribo-gift by Bewildebeest. There’s two tattoo layers, an eye make-up one by The Plastik and an actual face tattoo (group gift) by Fallen Gods Inc. Hair by Sky Everett, one of my old favorites. Skin (League) and eyes (Poetic Colors) are the same in both pictures.

…and then back to boxing things, hurray for virtual spring cleaning!


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