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Off/on the Top of your Head

Or mine, to be specific. Sonya’s, to be even more specific. What I’m trying to say with this is that I love strange things placed on the top of the head. Doesn’t matter if they’re quirky hats, full-grown gardens, gigantic hairdos with a full fleet of ships on them or a bunny with a pancake on top of her head. In fact, I wish someone did that last one. Internet memes must be followed! I’d be willing to take just a pancake with bunny ears, too! Although the best would be kemonomimi bunny ears and a pancake, then on top of that a bunny with a pancake on her head and then a tinier bunny with a pancake on -her- head and and… um. Anyways! Have a continental breakfast!

Remember the coffee rings of awesome by Bewildebeest from the previous post? The mastermind behind them, Coyote Momiji, liked my squeeing over them so much that she dropped me a full breakfast. On a hat! I’m especially fond of the teeny tiny strawberries. I’m also craving for cinnamon rolls now. The hat also gave me an excuse to wear the third freebie shirt by PixelDolls — the tone worked so well with it. Hair by Lamb, pose by Niqotine Poses and the lovely little coffee shop is iTuTu Cafe.

The decision to post about fun things to wear on top of your head gave me an excuse to go shopping!

I’ve been twitching for these peonies by LaGyo for a while now. Mom used to grow these — just lighter pink — and they were a given feature of my summers for a long time. They really are this gigantic. Wearing flowers in your hair makes me automatically go into the hippy druidic romantic mode. I put on a freebie hair by Lamb and a white lace dress (was a freebie in Culture Shock) by Sn@tch and ported to Oubliette to do the whole enchanted forest traipsing thing. I picked the pose by Pretzel*Poses, not only because she looked so enchanted, but because it kept the hair from sticking into her bodyparts. Poor avatars, the things they must endure to look pretty.

Sometimes I think I should have been born in the era of Louis XIV. I would have become a famous hairdresser. *nods sagely* “What do you mean wearing a castle with fireworks on your head is too much? Let’s add some more things into it!” I balance this urge by running about in simple bobs or updos most of the time, but then I see one of these and melt into a puddle of whimpering must-haves.

Ice cream hair! ❤ It’s a hunt prize by AD Creations from Ice Cream Spring Hunt. Not sure if it’s still running or not, but I have a feeling that if it is you better hurry! The end of the month (and thus most hunts) is nigh! When I began pondering what to wear with the ice cream hair I was told it should of course be a sundae dress. While I do not have such a punny garment, I did have a can of whipped cream and strawberries by Szentasha Fashions. The skin is by ^Re.Birth^ and it’s an old hunt prize. I think my vampire roots show in how much I adore white skins when they’re all pretty and glowy. @.@ Pose by LAP.

Sonya’s usual League-skin is worn in the two first pictures and the Poetic Colors eyes and Redgrave lashes in all three.


3 thoughts on “Off/on the Top of your Head

  1. Wow I love this idea…. very lady gaga-esque, but definitely with some individuality thrown in there as well. Great blog 🙂

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