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52 Colours: Ruby

More pink! Who knew that ruby as a colour is dark pink? Shush, I didn’t! I always envisioned ruby to be more like this than this. But as usual I just squinted at the colour swatch Luna provided and tried to match that. My first instinct was to do a re-make of this look, but my inventory failed to produce a hoard of gold and rubies on which I could have lounged. Alas. Instead I decided to do something about this rampant amount of cuteness biking about with squeeing abandon!

“Do you have any idea just -how- much you guys have exceeded the cuteness limit in this sim? No? I’m afraid I have to fine you with snuggles.” Miss Ruby is not to be bribed, but I do think that the handcuffs will turn out to be clinking hula hoops for the lil criminals.

The rabbit police outfit is by Umi Usagi, I got it a long time ago from a lucky chair. Hair is a mix of a black bob by Calla and dark pink bangs by Analog Dog. The paparazzi sunglasses are by Sn@tch. The silver ruby love cuffs are by Unique Needs! and the hip gun by hO Wear, both a part of an outfit. The bike is by Kittenish (old hunt gift) and the little criminals are by Pink Fuel (bat & bunny) and XD Fusion (penguin). The ground is actually from an old hunt prize by Zacca and the pose is by LAP. I added a lipstick by Esk-Imo to the League skin.

Now I just need to locate a cupcake prison for these scoundrels and all will be well…


8 thoughts on “52 Colours: Ruby

  1. awwwww oh my gosh what could such cute lil balls of adorable do to get locked up hehe… You look awesome as always, I love your photos every week!!! Love Love Love it!

  2. I love the photography and sense of movement in this pic — gorgeous.

    And I love your previous hat picture, the peony headpiece in particular is adorable.

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