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52 Colours: Denim

For this week Sonya went and purchased what is probably the second pair of pants she has paid for. In three years. I find this endlessly amusing. Of course the said pants couldn’t be regular jeans, that would have been too easy, but they definitely matched Luna’s colour sample nicely.

Miss Denim is clearly a cowgirl in an anime of some sort. We can tell this by the incredibly impractical outfit and the fact she has four guns, just to look good. Well, blue hair might have something to do with it, too.

I could have done a rocker look with that mini dress from FlipSide, but I wanted something different this time. Not to mention a bit more clothes. The nets are a part of the outfit. The pants are by Trap and they’re sufficiently quirky to appease my odd shopping sense. The scarf is an old group gift by Curious Kitties. The horsie prop with poses is by [doll.], an old hunt gift. The guns and the thigh holsters are made by Coco Colonial, I remember I got them as a freebie from the Marketplace long before it was called the Marketplace.

I liked this angle so much that I had to add another picture. The cowgirl skin is an old serial killer hunt gift by The Plastik and I added fairy eyes blue make-up by Souzou Eien to it. The blue, blue eyes are also by The Plastik. The hair is by Wasabi Pills, also an old hunt gift and the cowboy hat is by Sn@tch. The cutesy skull tattoos are by Silent Sparrow. Oh, and I made my first ever windlight setting! None of the night ones I had lit her up enough while still being nightly so I put on default midnight and just poked the sliders randomly around until I liked the result. My approach to these things is oh so purely scientific, yesyes.

This whole thing gives me not-so-strange urge to listen to Ghostriders in the Sky. <.<


8 thoughts on “52 Colours: Denim

  1. Wonderful atmosphere in these pics. I love the look too!
    And I planned to use some guns in my Denim pics too, but they would not work with the dress,. There must be something about denim and gunslinging.

  2. Yah, I think the whole cowboy image is a given with denim and with cowboys come guns and horses, right? 😉

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