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One Hell of a Butler

That’s Sebastian Michaelis, the demon butler of Ciel Phantomhive in the manga and anime Kuroshitsuji, Black Butler. I’ve watched the first season a while ago and didn’t even know the second season was out until I began running into characters I didn’t know in the Black Butler Hunt. Speaking of the hunt, it caters to the spirit of the series perfectly with a mix of kawaii, Victorian, quirky and gothic.

The hunt object is one of these bitter rabbits. I don’t actually know if the second season refers to Ciel as a grumpy bunny like this, but it’s obvious the eyepatched vest-wearing adorable little things are modeled to resemble the young master. He is not amused! I absolutely love this feminized butler-outfit by M*Motion, although I yoinked the tights from the prize of How Vexing! to go with it. This particular Undertaker’s hat is by Squeek! I’m using Sonya’s default League-skin in most of the pictures as well as with this bob by Lamb. The pose is by Niqotine Poses except for the bunny-hugging.

Here’s one of Ciel’s outfits by 1mm and it’s so Victorian cute that it works for girls too with all the lace and ruffles. The hat is by ANCAYI and the mouthie chocolate bar is one of the many things from Atypical’s prize. I used the mismatched eyes from the starter prize in most of the pictures, they’re made by Usami Haiku. Ciel always wore an eyepatch to cover the eye that bore the mark of his Faustian pact with Sebastian. Pose by LAP. The suiciding bitter bunnies can be found in Rozena.

Speaking of eyepatches, this rose one by Fairy Tail is absolutely breathtaking. I switched to a Sky Everett hair since I had some glitch issues with bangs for a moment. The dress is by Pesca, the hat is from RibboN’s outfit and Sebastian’s pact-mark hand tattoo is by Ruhi Haiku, also from the first spot of the hunt. This picture is actually taken in the very first sim of the hunt, port here to start. There’s no hidden bitter bunnies in this area, it’s just to enjoy the beauty. Hint: when you play with windlight, hit the water settings in this sim. Breathtaking! To get where the first bunny is hidden, use the heart-shaped teleporter in front of the big hunt poster. That’ll port you to the area with the clock, roses and piled up bitter bunnies from the first picture. Locate the real one and you’re on your way! An important safety note: when you huggle this bunny by Naminoke, do not touch him, no matter how much he begs! Think Gremlins. Think Things Gone Wrong. I warned you!

The tea and food tricks were always one of my favorites in the series. The tea pot and cup combination here is by Amato, forming the classic Kuroshitsuji pose. The outfit is by Bubblez and- …why yes, it’s not Sonya, well spotted. She said she might wear ruffly boy shorts, but draws the line at male skins and shapes so I dug up and dusted off my boy alt for this. Speaking of: shape, skin and eyes are all by BND, forming pretty good Sebastian for easy cosplay fun. The only thing I had to add was the Uncleweb hair, which is an old freebie. The picture is taken in the same first pretty sim as the eyepatch picture.

If you’re at all curious, here’s an AMV with Within Temptation music, giving you a pretty good view on the style of the series.


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