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Hive Mind izz Preciouzz~

This post is pretty much just inside jokes about the awesome hive mind that SLUniverse.com is, but the important bit is that there’s a sale going on with the proceeds going to the forum’s upkeep. I stumbled into their forums somewhere during the RedZone fiasco, looking for information and liked the atmosphere so much that I stayed. Since then life’s been one pool party after another! Psst, Cristiano, we need another one. <.<

The honey-dripping sheer top is by PixelDolls and the wonderful hive mind hat is by Bewildebeest, both from the sale. I’m not usually too yellow-friendly, but they were so awesome together that I had to get both. Exile sent a blonde hair as a subscribo-gift just in time to cover some very visible sheered-over bits. *grins* I used old freebies from Poetic Colors and Imabee for eyes and skin and ported to SwayLand for bee-pictures. The pose is by Poise and I’m not sure what our honey-covered heroine is up to, it could be anything from checking her new hat to being scared of the bees.

And like that wasn’t bad enough as the inside jokes go, I had to do this…

I made the shape myself and yes, it’s ridiculously unrealistic on purpose. I was trying to make a bee-girl, see. Huge head, short frail torso, big bum, long legs, tiny nose, huge alien eyes and so forth and so forth. While I was at it, I made the pose myself as well. The skin is the exact same Imabee as in the first picture. It’s insane how much shapes change a skin’s look, hm? The black markings on the face and the black legs and arms are all a part of a tattoo layer by The Plastik. The partial outfit is by Dare Designs and an attempt to get a striped look without actually having black-and-yellow striped clothes in my inventory. Hair is by Deviant Kitties, eyes by Absentia and the wings by Fancy Fairy.

I’m trying to resist this, but it has to be said: “My hive mind brings all the noobs to the yard, and they’re like, it’s better than yours, damn right it’s better than yours.” That said I shall now crawl to bed and die of shame and change my name. *nods, hides*


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