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Cool Critters

There’s been a cutesplosion in my inventory lately and I figured I should set them in something resembling order. It was a bit of a challenge with all the awwing they inspire, but I think I managed!

Here’s Sonya’s Ark, although it’s really just a raft. All the animals and the raft itself are from the lucky boards of Stray Pig, one of the places full of random cute.

The whitewash shelf with the plants, watering can, birdy and the sack and mushrooms next to it are by Awesome Blossom, their Zombie Popcorn Hunt prize. The coffee mug on the donkey’s back is by Art Dummy! (old hunt gift) and the macaron flan serving tray in front of the sheep is by KUE!, from the Just Desserts Hunt. The giraffe-matching dress is by Peqe and I wanted to try and make the hairdo resemble the giraffeness somehow, so I removed the decorations from one of the wonderful Tukinowaguma hairdos and added leaf-sticks by Caverna Obscura into it. The flower mouthie by Sweet Leonard & Needful Things (group gift) that the deer is noming, the adorable panda earrings by Sn@tch (a part of an old fishing outfit), freebie rose rings by December and the ring by Bewildebeest (worn on thumb here, subscribo-gift) might be too small to see if you don’t click the picture to view it in the real size. Pose by Poise.

Here’s a completely different kind of a critter! An ickle summer cthulhu with an ice cream cone by Avatar Bizarre from the SLU sale. The end of the world was never this cute~ The oh-so-fitting octo dress is by The Sea Hole, yoinked from their summer sale that’ll end on June 10th. Hurry! Hair is a freebie by Vive9, the face tattoo is the latest group gift by Fallen Gods Inc. and the adorable little hat with lace is by Natural and it cost only 10 lindens. I found their shop during the Black Butler Hunt and about died of cuteness and all the flower accessories. All the bracelets are by Bewildebeest, the selection of colourful ones are a freebie in the shop. The Moby bracelet isn’t free, but is way too awesome not to have. The little teahouse is by C&D Designs, their prize in the Silk Road Hunt. The balloon-floated chair is by What Next? (Zombie Popcorn Hunt prize), the about-to-drop-off slurpies are the latest group gift by Sweet Leonard & Needful Things and the tiny bunny with Japanese flag is by Sanu, who will soon travel to Japan and sent the bunny to her group in celebration. Pose by Olive Juice.

All the posing is so tiring. Good thing LISP sent this daybed to her subscribo-members. There’s also a flying bear from Love Soul’s lucky chair on the background, as well as macaron flan dessert seat by KUE! (Just Desserts Hunt) and a myna bird by Stray Pig (lucky board). I grabbed these engineer shorts from The Sea Hole’s sale and added a top from the latest group gift of Azul’s to it. Look at the spoon mouthie, though. There’s a tiny bunny dessert thing on it! These little awws are from a gatcha by Illusory. The glasses by December and shoes by Lassitude & Ennui are both from the Black Butler Hunt. The shoes are the real stars of this picture, obviously. So pretty~ Hair is by Elikatira, skin is by League and eyes by Poetic Colors. The skin and the eyes stayed the same through all three pictures. And look, still wearing the Moby bracelet!


2 thoughts on “Cool Critters

  1. Oh, I love everything about this post, Am going to follow your footsteps all over the place , seeing all that cuteness with my own eyes

    THe Jade outfit is fantastic too, all that green in the hair is something else !

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