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52 Colours: Jade

My inventory failed to present me awesome jade statues and oriental luxury props. Sadness. Jade really sounds like it should be all that: ancient statues, lost cities, exquisitely carved long pipes (I drooled at the ones in Rozoregalia for a bit, but managed to run before I bought it just for this one picture), hairdos and ornaments reaching for heavens and slinky qipaos with a lot of attitude.

This is as close as I got. Miss Jade told me she demanded at least some sort of gigantic green crystals so I ported to the Emerald City in Magic of Oz. Who knows, maybe the yellow brick road leads to everywhere magical, like a counterpart to roads leading to Rome.

I admit that this might have just been an excuse to go and buy another Tukinowaguma hair, but she needed huge hair ornaments! I turned the whole thing green with the included colour-change scripts. The Miamai dress (old group gift) was such a wonderful metallic sheen of jade that it was the first thing I decided on for Miss Jade. I got her new eyes from the Poetic Colors sale (ends on June 12th) and added make-up by The Plastik. Earrings are by Bliensen + MaiTai, skin by League and pose by Poise.


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