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Summer Blues

In my continuous efforts to battle my inventory in a valiant manner, I decided to put together a couple of summery blue looks from three things either going on at the moment or just about to end. Since I didn’t have new furniture things to show you I instead ported to Alirium Gardens to indulge in summer prettiness.

Summers have never been about beach to me, summer means green forests and blue sky and lakes. Beach is something that happens when you go on a winter holiday to Southern Europe!

As a self-admitted peqe-a-holic I of course had to pick up this little dress from CHIC Management’s first birthday event, CH1C. The astonishing jewelry set is actually a dollarbie by R.A. Crystal and available in the Accessory Fair that started today.  Oops, the bracelet doesn’t belong to the set, it’s a part of a Ganked! set that I picked up during their secret sale. Hair by Waka & Yuki, pose by LAP.

Then the thing everyone’s been talking about: the sale in Zaara. I’ve been running around in this shirt, shorts and bracelet pretty much ever since.Who said casuals need to be boring? The sale is marked as upto 13th June – 12 AM SLT so if you haven’t yet been there and the clock hasn’t yet struck midnight: run! Hair by LOQ, skin by League and eyes by Poetic Colors. Eyes and skin are the same in the upper picture as well. Pretty firefly prop by LAP. This time I’m not an evil sorceress capturing them, so they get to fly free instead~


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