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Diving into ZombiePopcorn

I’ve just joined the ranks of ZombiePopcorn Bloggers and here’s my very first post! I haven’t yet decided if I’ll end up doing double posts, but my gut reaction is no. Aka when I post there, I’ll just make a sort of a link-and-mention type of a post here instead of copying it all over. The Gods of Blogging know that there’s enough doubles in the feeds as is. I won’t bother the zombie mob with my usual rambling things, I’ll instead channel my darker posts there. And/or posts that deal mostly with the brands associated with ZombiePopcorn, of course.

I love the little zombie puppet’s animation, especially the squee-dive into the popcorns. I wanted to have a close-up of that and use Sonya more as a background for this declaration of joining the ZP Mob, so I kept the rest very simple. Hair by Vita’s Boudoir twirling on its own in the non-existent wind, some basic gloves by Sn@tch, League skin, Repulse eyes from Depraved Summer Nights Hunt and an old ZPH prize dress by Loulou&Co. Speaking of, the wonderful face jewelry (attached to the ear) is by them, too. Check the post at ZombiePopcorn for more details~


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