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52 Colours: Mahogany

Now this would have been the perfect spot to whip out a mahogany dryad, but instead I turned to my go-to for browns: steampunk. I knew the dress I wanted to use, but it had only brown accents, so I decided to make two looks. While working on them the character pretty much wrote herself.

Miss Mahogany is obviously a sort of Jekyll/Hyde type of a character. At daytime she’s all innocent little steampunk-universe girl with leaves in her hair…

I’ve wanted to use this dress by Silent Sparrow for ages, obviously I need more steampunk events in my Slife. It’s a group joining gift (not free to join) and absolutely gorgeous. I’m especially fond of the lace on the front. The furniture in the background is by The Epic Toy Factory except the coffee pot by Oblonski. The wonderfully mahogany-shaded steampunk house is by Primwynly. Cutesy innocent pose by Diesel Works.

When the night arrives, little Miss Mahogany sneaks into the drawing room to sketch her plans for world domination!

I have this outfit by Bare Rose in three colours, apparently. I’m amused. What can you do, it’s awesome! The Visions of Flight hat is by The Mad Hattery. The villainness is holding an emotional monitor by Grim Bros. and her goggles are from the same place. Pose is by Olive Juice — can’t you practically hear her cackle? Thinker’s worktable and kyberneticist’s dictation apparatus in the background are by E&D Engineering. The hair is by Curious Kitties, eyes by The Plastik and skin by League in both pictures. A lot of the steampunk things are from old STEAM Hunts, which just goes to prove that they are worth checking out every time!


11 thoughts on “52 Colours: Mahogany

  1. Wonderful environment, great shots. – love everything about it. Yesterday, I saw a three year old girl sitting on top of a small mountain of sand in her sandbox saying “I own the whole world”. Your second pic reminded me of her , in its ambition and playfulness.

  2. Miss Mahogany would like to make it known that the world is indeed aaaall hers, yesyes. Especially all the pretty-shiny parts and chocolate factories.

  3. Miss Mahogany wishes it to be known that there is absolutely no reason to worry, she’ll provide bread and circus- um, chocolate and topless pirate wrestling shows for all!

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