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Summer Lingerie

It’s not even the beginning of July and there’s randomly tons of events and sales and hunts again! Let’s see if I can catch up a little…

There’s the Taste of SL Hunt that promises to be full of goodness. I took both pictures in the gorgeous little house by LeeZu. It has a small yard, three rooms, gorgeous wall paintings… my only moment of sighing was when I realized it was no-mod so I couldn’t do my house-mutilation to let sunlight in for shadows. I loved the wall paintings so much that for once I didn’t care!

The rest of the furniture above is all by Dreamscapes Art Gallery and the gorgeous lingerie is by Blacklace, both from the same hunt as the house. The cute little monocle is a freebie from December. Pose by Olive Juice. The Elikatira hair and the League jewelry set are a part of the 50L Fridays today, so if you want them you better hurry!

Much to my surprise Blacklace had still their One Night in SL Hunt prize out and available. The hunt is over, so no guarantees how long it’ll stay there, but I did pick it up today. Two free Blacklace lingerie sets on one day? That’s a good day, that. The shoes are by Pixel Mode, a subscriber gift. (Not attainable afterwards, you have to be a part of the subscribo before she sends the gift.) Both chairs and the stack of cups with strawberries are from the Strawberry Hunt at Where It Begins Fleamarket. (It ends June 19th.) The yellow chair is by Zigana, the chair with a chipmunk (^.^) is by sur+ and the cups are by Art Dummy. Using the default Sonya combo of League-skin, Poetic Colors-eyes and Redgrave-lashes. Pose is randomly by yours truly.


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