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Xmas in June!

Christmas came early yesterday when Coyote Momiji, the mastermind behind .( bewildebeest )., dropped a folder of boxes on me as a blogger packet. Plenty of squeeing ensued! I adore her ability to match quirky-funny with gorgeous, unique ideas with flair. Thus I spent today trying on everything and taking pictures!

Curlicues! It’s a wonderful word, it conveys exactly the right amount of beauty combined with the quirk. This Vine-series comes in necklaces, earrings and rings. I love how big they are, the earrings are perfect for updos like this Tukinowagama’s. I’ve been on a big-ring phase for a while now and having all these curves cover half of the hand is a definite squee-factor. I changed Sonya’s eyes into these violet ones by The Plastik, just to match the amethysts better. What little you can see of the gown by Evie’s Closet worked well with the set. Pose by Di’s Opera.

Oh, I also have to mention the Summer Event going on at Kozmetika! Full of the latest make-ups for summer, plenty of freebies and definitely worth a visit. It lasts until July 8th. I added basic eyeliner by cheLLe and and a blush by Grixdale to this look.

Fancy a cup? Short and Stout-series is both delightfully amusing and breathtakingly pretty. I think the pretty pots are supposed to be tea, but whenever I wear them they shall be coffee. Ah coffee, the sweet soothing nectar of life~ The big tea pot with the pose is by Love Soul, from the Black Butler Hunt. I wish I had had a teapot hairdo to match, but since I didn’t, I added this bunneh-hairdo by Milestone Creations instead. I couldn’t possibly wear something serious for this! Changed the blush from Grixdale to a.e.meth while going through the Kozmetika freebies. What little you see of the vintage dress is by L’Abel.

In case you were wondering, the first two pics were taken in Japan Tempura Island. If you’ve never been there, do go! Better yet, take someone with you! This last picture, however, is back home when I was pondering what to wear next and then went ‘EVERYTHING!’ and piled up as many things as I could. Well, almost. The Cascade earrings and hair ornament were begging for something more exotic so I added the bindi, and then I simply had to show off one of the Arabesque rings and then there’s this Along Came a Spider ring that is full of amusement and and and… oh, and check out the fun colours in the make-up by *BOOM*! I used an old freebie body suit by L. Fauna for this, along with one of my favorite Sky Everett hairs. Pose is by Poise. Skin is by League and lashes by Redgrave in all three, eyes by Poetic Colors in the lower two.

Psst, Coyote will raise the prices in .( bewildebeest ). next week, so this week is absolutely perfect for shopping! Also, if you’re not yet in her subscribo, go hit it! Pretty necklaces and regular gifts ahoy~


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