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Midsummer Melancholia

Midsummer Eve is on Friday and like the majority of Finland, I’ll be traveling to the countryside for the holiday. It’s the Other Big Holiday in Finland: one for summer, one for winter. Both of them have a sort of seclusive feel to them. In the winter you’re supposed to spend Christmas with just your family and in the summer you’re supposed to go in the middle of nowhere, back to the nature and just breathe. Well, there’s drinking, barbequeing, sauna, swimming in lakes, hanging out with friends, bonfires and such related as well, but still!

It’s strange, no matter how rainy the Midsummer days might be, the image I have of it is still pretty much this:

I love this little island in Alirium Garden. The moment I saw it I thought it looked like Finnish summer. Sufficient amount of green and white surrounded by huge amounts of blue. It’s not really summer unless the sky and lake are the same surreal blue and you can see the forests reflected on the surface in perfect mirror. Midsummer is hugely romanticized in Finnish minds. It’s the most popular wedding day of the year and every women’s magazine in the country will publish the ancient folkloric Midsummer magics about finding out your future husband, in addition to countryside sauna relaxation and beauty tips. Oh, and the countryside dances that probably don’t even exist outside Nordic countries… I must point out that I’m sure that in the old times if a girl went to roll around -naked- in a dewy field she would get a husband within a year. Not necessarily because of any magic though~

There’s certain melancholia attached to it all, too. Not the bad kind. The kind you get when you’ve stayed up with the sun all through the night, seen it not set, you’ve talked and laughed with your friends so much that there’s nothing bubbling up anymore and there’s just comfortable silence and the nightless night. It’s both surreally intoxicating and mind-clearing at the same time, those silent moments in the flow of distractions that is life when you have the time to realize that you are here, now, aware. Guess there is magic in the Midsummer Night, after all.

Even in the more realistic form of it.

More casual take to what very well can be a rainy night, although the sparkling wine and noms belong to the party, no matter the weather. For me the best part of any party has always been the stage when the rambling has ceased, everyone has calmed down and it’s time to talk about True Things. It’s easy to list things you’ve been doing, less so when you try to define how you really feel and why.

That said, here’s another rambly Midsummer explanation in case you’re curious and to those who don’t need any explanation: Happy Midsummer!

The last picture has furniture from Dreamscapes Art Gallery, their prize in the Too Hot For You Hunt. In the first pictures Sonya’s wearing a lace mini-dress by Sn@tch, perfect for Midsummer romance, complete with the peonies by LaGyo and her hair let down in a Lamb-hairdo. The more casual look has top by Ducknipple, hair by Elikatira and a hairband by u.f.o. The top pose is by Essential Soul, the other poses are a part of the furniture. As always there’s the skin by League, eyes by Poetic Colors and lashes by Redgrave.


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