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52 Colours: Mauve

Miss Mauve was such a pain to put together. My internet has been wonky for about a week and every time I put something on her, old things kept appearing like magic on her. Guess that is what turned what was going to be a pin-up mauve lingerie shot into an evil sorceress. Hiss.

She’s obviously from my line of ‘pink is evil’, even when the colour isn’t pink per se. Close enough! I went back to the prettiness that is Japan Tempura Island just to have all the idyllic looks around her while she plots~

The outfit is an old hunt prize from Bare Rose. It’s probably not only the very first B@R hunt I did, it could very well be the very first hunt I did, period. Such a long, long time ago. The dress, necklace and the wonderful mock-medieval hairdress with curly horns and a veil are all a part of it. The Atlantean Mage Staff is by Tekeli-li, it was a freebie gift in the latest Fantasy Faire. The hair by Vive9 is also a freebie and is most likely still available.

Miss Mauve scoffed at all this modern photography magic and demanded a more painting looking end-result, so I played with filters a little to appease her…

The earrings and the bindi are complimentary copies by  .( bewildebeest )., the eyes and most of the make-up is by The Plastik, only the huge amount of colour around the eyes is from fairy eyes by Souzou Eien. Skin by League, as usual and the pose by Olive Juice.

Here’s to hoping Miss Mauve has magicked my internet back to normal by the time I return from my little Midsummer holiday trip…


8 thoughts on “52 Colours: Mauve

  1. Love your pics ;-)) … and the outfist is cool …
    Bare Rose the only shop I visited more than one … lol … actually the only one where I left quite a lot of money and I still have a look there now and then … hehe
    Happy midsummer 😉

  2. I hope Miss Mauve is happy with the painting. It looks fantastic, and really captures the mood.

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