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/geekgasm, take two~

I got back from my little Midsummer holiday to find out that my internet had been fixed! Huzzah! To celebrate I went on the second Geekgasm Hunt. It felt very appropriate. The hunt lasts until July 13th, so there’s plenty of time to hop the short 40+ shops round of geeky prizes! The hunt starts here and I’m recommending joining the hunt group for the latest fixes and the hint list.

I took all the pictures in the First Spring House by Doremi, a cute little setting that it was. I added reading pillows by FACTS and the wonderful TARDIS lamp by Kuroi Koneko to the set, as well as D&D Player Handbook by *Boof. and Geek Survival Pack by COOL BEANS. The posters on the walls are also by *Boof.

This particular geek girl is wearing a top by LoveCats, pants with suspenders by Beauty Killer and a sweater by Beatnik wrapped around her waist. The ultimate geek hat is by The Mad Hattery and the almost-steampunkish gear phone in a neck strap is by DownDownDown. The skin and the teeth layer are by Heartsick, the nintendo kissy on her cheek is by Doremi and the amusing Turn Me On eyes are by Skinthesis. I kept the eyes throughout the photoshoot. The shy geek pose is by Croire. The hair is a freebie by booN and not a part of the hunt.

The Geek Ultra Nook by Tasty was filled with random fun things and had to be posed in! The glowy mushroom lamp with penguin in the background is by Hanaya, though. The geek girl is wearing an adorable DNA-romper by The Sea Hole, cthulhu-braided hair (and head plushie) by Bad Juju and shoes & socks by LoveCats. The neck strap is by Yellow Berry and the Rubik’s Cube Ring by Cracked Mirror. The glasses are by Pestle & Twig.

The hunt lacked proper boffer larp armor or any other actual fantasy gear, so the geek girl going to cosplay a night elf gets to pose in a tanktop by Grixdale, instead. The skin and ears are by Ello Poppet. I added Princess Peach Mizu Makeover by M.O.C.K. Cosmetics and Princess Serenity Crescent Moon by Doremi tattoo layers to it. The pose is by .Thump and the radioactive lava lamp in the background is by Moxie. The hair is a freebie by Lamb and not a part of the hunt.

Get out there and embrace your inner geek~


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