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52 Colours: Electric Blue

This week was a no-brainer for style, but required some shopping to finish. There’s absolutely no other look I could do for electric blue than futuristic cyber girl, potentially with some droid-parts. For once the colour was something I felt I could spend some money on, too. Not that I love my costumes-folder or anything, noes.

Miss Electric Blue visited Insilico for a proper setting. She’s showing off her tip-toe cyber boots by NeurolaB Inc., smirking in the cybernetically enhanced certainty of being able to run, jump, fight and dance on the balls of her feet. Don’t try this at home, mere humans!

The gorgeous body suit and the bracelets are by sYs, the doll scouter monocle is by *LPP*, the hair by Mirror and the skin by Oralune. The two last ones can be found handily in Cyber Bunker. The eyes are by The Plastik and the pose is by TeaSoup.

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