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Summer Sales

My inventory is pretty much whimpering by this point. There’s Hair Fair, Truth District Opening (join the group and head over into the lag for the gifts, you have time until 5th July), closing sale in Sweetest Goodbye (-50% until 31st August) and Peqe’s birthday sale (select items until 8th July) just to name a few.

I bumped into Atelier Yllanys during a hunt, but this pretty little prefab was a freebie in the store, not a hunt prize. The rack prop pose is by Glitterati, one of their four gifts in the Truth District Opening. I took both pictures with this setting.

The outfit is by Sweetest Goodbye and it was just such a mix of cute, anime and official that I had to have it. I can see myself using the skirt and the coat separately depending on the season, but they do go wonderfully together, too. The skin is by .ploom., a part of their Hair Fair gifts. Shoes are by Nardcotix and the hair by Truth, both from the Truth District Opening. The ring is by .( bewildebeest ). and has nothing to do with any of the sales, but the pose demanded an awesome ring and ever since Coyo dropped these Arabesque-rings on me, I’ve pretty much worn one all the time.

I’m sure you all know by now that there’s a Curio-skin in the past notices of the Truth District Group, right? Well, this is it. So very innocent and cute. The hair is by Waka & Yuki, the feather hairdress by PR!TTY, earrings and necklace by Bliensen + Maitai, all of them Hair Fair gifts. I used the same earrings in the first picture, too. I just love this hair, the random one-sided pony-tail, the slightly messed look and near-tribal vibe of it. The skirt and the tights are from the Peqe-sale, but the top is a freebie from 20.FIVE, another random find during a hunt. Why yes, yes it’s the Arabesque-ring in another tone. ❤ I have Redgrave lashes and Poetic Colors eyes in both pictures, but these green ones are their latest freebie.

Whew. Now, that should get you all started! Remember to de-prim and much more importantly, de-script before daring the lagfests of Truth District and Hair Fair!


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