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Crazy Colours

In case I haven’t mentioned this in the last months: I love crazy hairs. I usually wear a bob or an updo, but I go into complete squee-mode at the sight of a huge hairdo full of random things stuck into it. Hair Fair is normally a good place to spot new fanciness, but this year there was nowhere near enough weird-fun involved. Make more craziness, hair designers!

Ashtoreth by Tekeli-li is my absolute favorite from the whole fair and the one I knew I’d buy the second I put on the demo. I’m tempted to go and get their Hathor, too. ❤

Her divineness demanded crazy colours for the look, so I went sort of windlight-happy. I took the first two pictures in the Epic Toy Factory, which is always a pleasure to adventure in: at the moment you can even ride a dragon while locating the hunt prizes! Clothes worthy of a goddess were located in Bare Rose, skin is by Imabee, pose by LAP and the face tattoo is by [sYs], their prize in the Touch of Sensuality Hunt. All the eyes in this post are by The Plastik and lashes (when worn) by Redgrave.

Speaking of windlight-happy, this skin by Imabee (latest group gift) isn’t green except for the teal make-up. I just played the windlight up for the sea feel. The picture is taken in the pirate playground after all. Or mermaid playground, considering it is under the sea. The hair by Griddie is as huge and crazy as their hairs tend to be and it’s free in a fatpack of colours in the Hair Fair. The swim suit is by Miamai and it’s a Truth District Opening gift: available still today, go grab it! Speaking of available still today: today (July 8th) is the last day of Kozmetika’s Summer Event, too. The mergirl is wearing a combination of a freebie make-up by M.O.C.K. (in the said event only) and a fairy glamour mask by Random-Onics & Pink Wolf (Midsummer Night’s Dream Hunt prize). Pose is Mela’s and the bracelet is the latest subscribo-gift by Miel.

Of course I find these things way after pink and cerise colour challenges are over already! *shakes fist* The lingerie set is by Seldom Blue, their prize in the Touch of Sensuality Hunt. (The prizes are 10L, not freebies.) The hair is a freebie by BC322 from Hair Fair and if you like pigtailed lolita-style, they’re selling this in more normal colours there as well! Adorable. The skin is by [sYs], a Modavia group gift available only in their Modavia location. Additional eye make-up by M.O.C.K. (freebie available still in Kozmetika). As for the pose, it’s a part of the singing tree by World’s End Garden, their latest group gift. Three poses, one couple pose, birdies and butterflies = happiness. As for the background: home, sweet home.


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