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52 Colours: Celadon

My opinion of celadon is that it looks much better on ceramics than on clothing. My other opinion is that the word itself is nifty and sounds like a character name. My Miss Celadon turned out to be an adventuress with a touch of Asian influence, a lot of fantasy elements and very definite alien space traveler vibe.

The awesome bubble-helm, snail egg backpack and the sleeping big snail next to her are all from an absolutely brilliant quest called Snail Trail in Fungus. It took me pretty much a whole day to finish it (was stuck in one of the stumble-upon parts until a friend came and found it for me) and it’s been a long while since I’ve had so much fun solving puzzles and figuring out clues! It felt like playing a game and left me extremely impressed. (Why yes, yes it’s a meeroo. He wanted to be snuggled while I was taking pictures, so much for working from home!)

Here’s a picture from the last room of the quest, taken with rather neutral windlight to show off the outfit. Most of it is from a sort of fantasy-combat outfit by LittleGirl, but I added a top by PixelDolls into the mix. (Retirement sale still going on!) I liked colourful scales on the Snail Princess. Pose is by Pretzel*Poses, tattoo layer by Fallen Gods Inc. and the skin is by [42]. I have no idea if the skins are available anymore, sadly.

The whole anime-adventuress alien space princess of snails thing made me itch for some stronger filters, so I gave up and made this. The birdy is by Happy Mood and a gift from silly Coyo who bumped into me when I was shopping for celadon things. The snail ring is by Saturnine Dreams, from TOSL Gatcha Festival. You can’t see much through the bubble helm, but Miss Celadon has a hair by Magika (Hair Fair freebie) and eyes by Poetic Colors.

Miss Celadon warmly recommends going to Fungus and saving the ecosystem with the help of snails, puzzle-solving is good for you!


11 thoughts on “52 Colours: Celadon

  1. WOW I love this idea, its fun and that Helmet is crazy… I am so going to have to get me one and possibly drag all my SL family down there too… Once again you took a hard colour and made it look AWESOMES!

  2. Holy Cow, lady! I love your creativity! 😀 And now I’m gonna have to go check out this place. 😀

  3. Aww, the alien space princess of snails (seriously, there could be an anime like that <.<) thanks everyone for the comments! ❤

    And meeroos are new breedables, they're supposed to be magical creatures aka not based on any real animal. They look sorta like a mix between cats and squirrels, maybe. Touch of meerkat? They stand on their hindlegs a lot, at least… very addictive little bundles of cute!

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