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Pirate’s Greed

I’ve been feeling all summer-lazy and meeroo-snuggly lately and even managed to wage war versus inventory to get it under some semblance of order. I cleared all the old stuff from my sort-folder and left only things that I knew I’d wanna blog there, waiting for both inspiration and the missing pieces to complete a look. When the inspiration arrived it certainly made me giggle. It also made me combine Skull-n-Bones Hunt and Greedy Hunt. Even when one is about the pirates and the other is about noms.

Here’s some delicious loots! Donut necklace by Virtual Insanity, sammich mouthie by Atypical and the telltale marks of pillaging in the form of whipped cream and berries on her nose by Sweet Leonard & Needful Things. All of that and the eyes by Shiva are from Greedy Hunt. Hair is the LeLutka freebie from Hair Fair and although I don’t usually much like curls on Sonya, this was just so… crazy-wild-cute that it worked for the nom-raiding pirate girl. The flirty pose by .ploom. is also a Hair Fair freebie. Skin by League, lashes by Redgrave, make-up by Mynerva.

The coat is the latest group gift by S H I N E, but obviously the real stars of the picture are the socks by KOSH (retiring items sent through their subscribo) and the shoes by R2 Fashion (old hunt gift). The old barrel home in the background is by United InshCon and the rest of the furniture is by Dreamscapes Art Gallery. Those and the awesome pirate hat by LNL are from the Skull-n-Bones Hunt. If you view the pictures in full size, you might catch a glimpse of the earrings by Zaara and ring by Bewildebeest, too. Can’t have a pirate girl without jewelry, after all~


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