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Bandana Day

Today (Friday 15th) is the end of Hair Fair and also the Bandana Day. The bandana designers had done excellent job and I had actually difficulties choosing which one to wear, so I bought two instead.

This black one by EMO-tions was so full of pearl embroideries that I couldn’t resist it. I accompanied it with a corset and sheer skirt by Sn@tch that I grabbed earlier this week from their Riot Vend. The bracelet is the latest subscribo gift by .( bewildebeest ). and the necklace is one of her latest releases. I wandered into the shop to poke at the gatcha there, but then saw the necklaces and had to have them. So gorgeous. ❤ The wagon is by Zacca, the furniture by Dreamscapes Art Gallery (Midsummer Night’s Dream Hunt prize) and the pose by TeaSoup.

The head scarf by LeLutka was another obvious choice. I love the random ropes around it and how it manages to look like you just decided to wrap your hair into a scarf for fashion, not because you had to. The dress is by The Plastik, one of their prizes in This One Time at the Fair Hunt. The necklace is the same as above, just different colour and the ring is by .( bewildebeest ). as well, one of the Arabesque-ones that I love. The chair, rug, flowers and wall-writing are a part of a freebie set by UrbanizeD called Tribute to Minnie Riperton. House is by Zacca, the bunny is by Ragdoll’s Cut (Greedy Hunt prize) and the pose by Poise. The eyes in both pictures are by Shiva (Greedy Hunt), lashes by Redgrave and skin by League.

If you haven’t been to the Hair Fair yet, today’s the last day to do so! Go buy a bandana and wear it today even if nothing else caught your fancy~


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