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52 Colours: Lemon

Did I mention already that this has been a lazy week? I did? Oh. Well. Miss Lemon got to suffer take advantage of it and just lounge about in the sun with her namesake fruit. As obvious and easy as you can get, ‘m afraid, but at least she seems to be enjoying herself.

The fruit fetish pose setting is a freebie by (*chanimations and it comes with various lemon-lime pieces attached to the skin. Miss Lemon is noming a lime by Nordari, though.

The yellow-orange beach outfit is an old hunt prize by DG Innovations. The shoes are an old subscribo-gift by Shiny Things. The fruit hat was a freebie by Enigma Hair from Hair Fair. Bracelet is a freebie from .( bewildebeest ). and the ring is an old hunt prize by Sweet Leonard & Needful Things. Skin is by Pink Fuel, eyes by Poetic Colors, lashes by Redgrave and hair by Elikatira. The teacup with lemon is by Rusalka Writer and the pretty flittering butterflies are a part of the group gift from Alirium Gardens. Otherwise there’s pretty shrooms by New Trail and garden flowers by Happy Mood in the background.

Let’s hope the lemons keep her awake, dozing off in the sun can be so very unhealthy.


7 thoughts on “52 Colours: Lemon

  1. Dammit, even when you are lazy you look so creative! I love it… Love the look, just don’t lay in the sun too long, fruit salad isn’t nice when its warm! Though on the other hand, if things start to ferment you might not smell great but you can get people drunk easily?!

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