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52 Colours: Patriarch

I assumed the only problem with this colour would be the amount of stuff I have in it, but no. When squinted well enough I came to realize that the majority of the strong violet-purples I have are way too cold to work for this tone. There’s a definite warmth to the colour, almost — this is where I shudder — dark pink vibe.

When I found the only interesting thing in this tone in my inventory, I had to laugh. It was like re-doing ruby! Don’t ask me why I have official caps in these tones. …maybe I didn’t keep anything in these colours unless it was outrageously silly combination? Regardless, here’s Miss Patriarch, ready to give you a ride across the town, sirs ‘n madams.

The freebie car is by Aimee Weber and I have no idea where I got it, but I’m extremely happy I did. This called for a vintage car! Miss Patriarch’s sidekick Chip is by Risusipo and he’s ready to honk the horn to clear the way! …what do you mean it’s a cannon? Shh. The outfit — suit, belt, cap — is by Unique Needs and it’s an old, old Twisted Hunt prize. Saluting pose is by Poise, hair by Lamb, sunglasses by Kumaki Glasses Style and skin by League.


9 thoughts on “52 Colours: Patriarch

  1. LOL that is a good look… though I am slightly in awe of you vibrant colour militaryesque hats! And I will admit you look kinda dominatrix scary… but its such a fab picture!

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