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Golden Goddess

This is one of my self-indulgent fantasy posts inspired by the latest fortune teller prize by Fallen Gods Inc. It’s called Aureum for obvious reasons and includes a skin and fitting armor for both genders. It comes with a half-covering metal top, but I ditched it since it was just half-covering anyway and I liked the silhouette better without. Then of course I faced the problem I always have with Alia’s gorgeous skins: they suffer no clothing! They look the best as is and any attempt to combine clothes to them is immediately wrong. So… tricksy poses and filters for the win?

The goddess needed a hair designed for goddesses, so I used Ashtoreth by Tekeli-li. Gotta love colour-changers. Pose is by *V* Poses and as mentioned, tricksy and sufficiently covering. Another part of the self-indulgence is filters. I usually try to use only low levels of softer ones, but the whole goddess thing made me want to try and make paintings or mosaics.

The golden eyes are by Poetic Colors, their free neko eye preview. I don’t usually much need neko eyes, but these made me squee and seriously ponder grabbing a pair in another colour. The forehead decoration is a part of the Aureum armor.

If you’re into fantasy skins, do visit Fallen Gods Inc. and try your luck at the fortune teller, the result is full of sunshine~


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