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52 Colours: Melon

Melon was an interesting thing to put together. Not only did it need to be funny and quirky and even silly, it was way too pastellish for me to have much anything in it. All ‘melon’ searches brought up bright watermelon entertainment. Fortunately Curious Kitties had their summer festival going on with plenty of freebies, including this skin. The blush on the cheeks was pretty much perfect for this.

I also realized that this dress by The Plastik had melon tones in it and so I had to use it again. The watermelon noming otter is by Risusipo. Hair by Lo*momo, eyes by Umedama Holic, earrings by Sweet Leonard & Needful Things and necklace by .( bewildebeest ).

The watermelon kitty vehicle in the background is also by Curious Kitties and the watermelon noming bat by Pink Fuel. Pose is by Olive Juice and as for all the honey things, they’re by Saturnine Dreams. The hangout is a prize in Waffle Fox Hunt and the bigger hive was dropped on me by Maddy just because I thought it was nifty. ❤ They worked pretty much perfectly for Miss Melon, who insisted on being Miss Honey Melon, thank you very much.

I felt bad because I had blogged so many of these things before that I madeds you a bonus picture out of the watermelon things. Nothing to do with melon as a colour, but plenty to do with the word!

The Torley-skin by The Plastik was absolutely perfect for this fun. It’s from the subscribo-gift. The outfit is by Sassy Kitty Designs (old hunt gift, originally a dress), the hair is a freebie by Curious Kitties and the fun waffle-shooting guns are by KUE!, from Waffle Fox Hunt as well. The little watermelon shooting chipmunk pirate is by Risusipo and the escape boat is by Kusshon (Seasons Hunt). The gun-toting pose is by Niqotine Poses, my go-to for combat posing.

The sisters Melon are obviously strange, but sweet, living in a honey house and performing waffle-abuse-robberies. With their minions. Of chipmunkish, battish and otterish variety.


8 thoughts on “52 Colours: Melon

  1. LOL I went all out pinkish for this for some reason my melon seems to be a LOT brighter than everyone elses but I love how you put yours together… its so pretty and then the true watermelon tone… AWESOME

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