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Hate it when that happens. Fresh bought nommilicious ice cream cone and then the scoops drop. I had that happen once when I was a kid and I didn’t even have roos to mop the grass afterwards! (It was mint ice cream and mom bought it to me because we were visiting a bit bigger town and were wandering around in the open air market. It was obviously so traumatic that I still remember all this!)

The fun ice cream with the pose is by Olive Juice, from Albero’s Gatcha Festival. The cute tote bag by Naminoke is from the same place. Hair is from Magika’s clearance sale, dress from the abundance of freebies The Plastik has been throwing her group members’ way lately and the awesome Bubbles rings by .( bewildebeest ). landed on my lap when Coyo bumped into me. ❤ Skin by League, eyes by Poetic Colors, home and ice cream eyeing roos mine. ^.^ …sort of. You know what I mean. Now go get your ice creams and remember to share!


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