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Break from Summer

Soon. I don’t know about you, but I sort of have virtual bikinis and sunglasses coming out of my ears and I’m waiting for the autumn, jackets, tights and boots. However, it is still summer and way too hot so more bikinis it is! I’m also forced going to take a little break from blogging due to a family trip north that’ll last pretty much a week. I’ll yoink computer usage enough to post the new colour during the weekend, but no SL until I come back. Withdrawal.

Enough of that. I did say more bikinis, right? Swimwear, whatever.

This particular bikini and the skirtsy thing are by Viviane Fashion from Summer Feeling Hunt. The strawberry planter by HC Creations and the birdhouse by JoHaDeZ are from the same hunt. The noms and the picnic table in the background are by Nonino, from SwayLand’s Summer Hunt. Hair is the old LeLutka freebie from the Hair Fair.

It’s not a bikini per se, but seriously: it could be. One of the loots from the late gift-shower by The Plastik. The henna tattoo is by Fallen Gods Inc. from Tropical Nights Hunt. Necklace is by .( bewildebeest ). and the hair & sunglasses is an old lucky chair prize by Waka & Yuki. Pose is by Niqotine Poses. As for the barbeque kitchen in the background, it’s by Zacca and all the noms on it by ToRiCo, all of it from the SwayLand’s Summer Hunt. The beach shack is by Tee*fy and it was a prize in the Seasons Hunt. Skin by League and eyes by Poetic Colors as usual.


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