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52 Colours: Apricot

Meh at all the bland pastels. Meh, I say! Miss Apricot agreed with me. I told her that apricot was surely some sort of girly flowing romantic dress colour and she hissed at me. Then she locked herself in the attic and refused to come down so I had to take pictures of her in there, instead.

She has a cosy little reading corner arranged in the attic of the house by (TLND) from Poupee Hunt. The comfy pillows with the book are by The Family Jewels, the old notebooks are by POST and the coffee mug on them by Art Dummy! The hair with the hat by Red Queen is really what nailed Miss Apricot’s personality. I knew that exact moment who she was. No stilettos for her, espadrilles by Gos instead. I couldn’t resist the .( bewildebeest ). ring though, it matched so nicely.

After a long moment of wibbling, Miss Apricot deigned to stand up, but she was still reading a book by Slow Kitchen. The shirt that actually is the proper colour for this week is from a dress by PixelDolls… although by the time you read this I think it’s not available anymore, what with the big retirement sale having ended. Can’t wait to see what Neph comes up with now! The capris are by The Plastik. Yes, still going through that giant pile of gifts. Miss Apricot has several fun things on her walls: painting by Dreamscapes Art Gallery, medieval map by Oriolus Oliva, steampunk dragon by DragonLady Designs and the board covered with notes by Nordari. The yellow little purse in the pillow pile is by Ohmai.

I momentarily tempted her wrath and yoinked the book away just so we could have a closer look at the glasses by Amaranthus and the necklace by .( bewildebeest ). — the latter is a subscribo gift. In the background you can see a sideboard bookshelves by Kusshon, a DnD Player Handbook by *Boof. and a bamboo planter by Arctic Greenhouse. The cute little bamboo is a prize in a memory game there. Miss Apricot has a skin by The Plastik, eyes by Poetic Colors and eyeliner & tattoo lashes by Miamai. She also has a pose by Striking Poses that tells me I should hurry up and give her book back!


9 thoughts on “52 Colours: Apricot

  1. I totally agree to the MEH of the pastel colours, summer is supposed to be vibrant lol… I love the look you pulled together even though Miss Apricot seemed more interested in her book than posing… You look brilliant as always

  2. yes so many pinks .. did give me also a meh feeling.. i added some black so it wasn’t too sugar sweet all the time… loved your story )))) greetings nic.

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