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Return of Fripperies

Well, return otherwise too. Back home, back in my own comfy bed and back to blogging. No, I don’t blog from bed, just saying. Anyways! I returned from my trip just in time for Seldom Blue sale! Seems they’ve moved as well, so make sure to update your landmarks.

I’m so tempted to go and grab this corsetry creation in red and black, as well. So gorgeous. The hair-flower is a part of it. I whipped out my trusty windowed white skybox by Zacca for this and located Glitterati’s Marketplace freebie lapdance chair with champagne for props.

Speaking of fripperies, this creation came with plenty of them, I just stripped them away for a cleaner silhouette. Oh, and see the hair? It’s by Truth in the new Collabor88 event, everything is 88L and the collection changes monthly. As for the  huge blue Bubbles-rings, they’re by .( bewildebeest ). and a part of the silly amount of shinies Coyo dropped on me. ❤

Since I was posing about in lingerie, I figured this was the perfect occasion to show off the latest dollarbie by Dead Dollz. You can find it in the same sim as Poise (they’ve also moved lately, update landmarks) and I yoinked it while Mojo was showing the northern lights to me. He also dropped some burlesque poses on me while I was there, so the poses in the last two pictures are by him. The first is a part of the chair. Skin by League, eyes by Poetic Colors and shoes by G Field. At least you can’t complain about the heat this way! …ohwait.


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