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Time to Tweet~

No, not in the social media way, but ~twittery bird~ way! Hyasynth updated the lucky birds in Silent Sparrow and so I spent a good while lounging about there yesterday while playing Dragon Age at the same time. Multi-tasking makes the world go round, yesyes.

The fledermaus tattoo comes with the dress and is both cute and quirky. Speaking of, I want to draw your attention to Lord Byron’s Writing Desk ring by .( bewildebeest )., it felt sufficiently gothic and squee to go well with it all. I love all the eccentric awesomeness Coyo drops my way, yes I do. ❤

The dress comes in two lengths, full of gorgeous hya-blue tones. The bird cage with a birdy and a butterfly and a chair are a group gift by World’s End Garden and fit perfectly with the gothic twitteriness. The skybox is by Zacca.

The hair is from Magika’s retirement sale and I added a flowery hattish thing by Natural and butterflies by Minajunk to it. The bright make-up is by M.O.C.K.  Cosmetics, eyes by Umedama Holic, lashes by Redgrave and skin by League. Poses in order DARE, Olive Juice and AnaLu.

Go forth and camp for tweets!


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