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52 Colours: Chartreuse

Ohey, it’s been a week already and it’s time for another colour! This time it’s chartreuse. The colour is apparently named after a French liqueur. It’s between yellow and green and very, very bright. I pondered between cyberwear, bright club-disco outfit and then I thought that for a name like Miss Chartreuse, neither of them would be good enough.

Miss Chartreuse needed to be French, fancy and just a touch on the intoxicating, almost poisonous side. The hair by MiaSnow is hardly traditional court ‘do, but I figured that Miss Chartreuse is wild and dangerous enough to pull off the green sorceress look. The dress is by Evie’s Closet and the jewelry by .( bewildebeest )., much love sent to Coyo’s direction again. She poses in a a bloody mess skydome by Fallen Gods Inc., my go-to for dark stone wall backgrounds.

I also got this image of her tapping men with her fan and going ‘La, sir.’ It doesn’t really mean anything, I’ve just got stuck with both the phrase and the image thanks to Nanny Ogg explaining to Magrat that that’s what mysterious ladies do at the balls. Um. In the Discworld novels by Terry Pratchett. The fan is from one of the old Steam Hunts, but SL had eaten the creator’s name. Sadness. Eyes by The Plastik, mask tattoo layer by Random-Onics & Pink Wolf and skin by League. First pose by Di’s Opera, second by LAP.


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