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Eerily Aerie

Evie’s Closet has set out two promo items for all the fantasy squees: there’s Lumina nymph for 70L and Lumina mermaid for 99L, both in Aerie edition. I absolutely love her nymphs, it’s really strange that I don’t even remember seeing anyone making water nymphs like this before and all the mermaids who managed to gain feet — even temporarily — had to dress like humans. All the sheer textures and luminescent scales and shiny pearls scream of magic. I don’t have anywhere to wear any of this, but obviously I couldn’t resist.

I grabbed this practically Greek little bathhouse by Funky Junk from the Platinum Hunt, it felt sufficiently magical. The real question is of course if someone is keeping a mermaid in their pool or if the mermaid goes there voluntarily to prey search for company…

Speaking of, I am in love with this headpiece. Makes me think of all the deep sea fish and the tricksy luring light thing they use to hunt. Just look at all the details and little scales on the forehead and temples… so gorgeous. The hair is by Tekeli-li, apparently this particular hairdo is now my official mermaid-nymph one. (Yes, I used it before for another evie-nymph. It just works so well!) The luscious lashes are by Redgrave.

Here the tail has turned into two shimmering scaled legs and an ethereal skirt and the hunter’s wick on the forehead has transformed into a gem. I changed the eyes from full glow into silvery ones for the human-mimicking form, both by The Plastik. The skin is also by The Plastik, from the Platinum Hunt. The white stripe is a part of it, no extra tattoo layers used. The poses are by yours truly~


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