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52 Colours: Liver

The moment I saw this week’s colour, I -knew- who and what Miss Liver would be. A colour that at first glance looks like very dark grey (with just a touch of warmth in it) and is named after an internal organ? It’s zombie-time!

Look, she even has a liver for you! Shh, no telling her that it’s actually a heart by Olive Juice, it’s not a good idea to try and teach zombies anatomy. She also has a macabre pretty heart necklace by Little Pricks. The axe lodged in her skull is by ~Sa-eela~, and don’t you worry, she doesn’t even notice it. Um. Maybe that -is- a cause to worry, actually. The pose is by Del May, all of these old hunt things.

The brain juice canister by Virtual Insanity is also from an old hunt. …why yes, yes I have a big zombie-folder in my inventory, don’t you? The pose is by Captivity Co, the creepy shack in the background is by Sugar.Snap.Me and the skin is an old group gift by Red Queen. I added a cracking tattoo layer by Frick to it and used eyes by REPULSE as final touches.

The whole outfit is a mix-match of Sn@tch items. Skirt, leggings and gloves are from voodoo lolli outfit that was in the lucky chair a bit ago and the top is from the current fishing outfit: Mary Potter. Who knew it’d end up on a zombie instead of Hogwarts? Hair is by DURA from Your Inner Bunny Hunt. The too-awesome-for-words scythe is by [OMFG] and I fear they’re not available anymore. Sadness. Pose by No Strings Attached.

So there, Miss Liver being nice and offering you a squishy present in the hopes that you’ll overlook the lack of red tint in her grey. Mind you, if it’s a red tint you want, you came to the right zombie…

10 thoughts on “52 Colours: Liver

  1. i liked what you wrote in this post…sure it is a cause to worry that she didn’t even notice the axe lodged in her skull…haha …brain injured severely!!!
    or…. have zombies brains that work? ))))… your post made me smile..Nicandra

  2. I have a Zombie folder in my inventory lol you are not alone!!! I love Miss Liver’s look, how cute is she? Mary Potter outfit huh? Who knew that Zombies went to Hogwarts? Who knew that Zombies who went to Hogwarts were the cutest girlies there? Hehe… You look awesome!

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