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Lucrezia’s Shadow

I was sorting my inventory and happened to almost coincidentally combine some of these things. The moment I did, I knew I wanted to blog it. This is also a reminder that the closing sale in Sweetest Goodbye ends in a few days, so if you want this outfit, you better hurry! It’s called White Shadow and it’s simply breathtaking in its eccentric sophistication. There’s fantasy, there’s danger, there’s class, all in perfect match together.

Why yes, I went back to one of my favorite sims on the whole grid — World’s End Garden — for these pictures. The place never ceases to amaze me. It’s gothic, it’s dramatic, it’s melancholic and heartbreakingly beautiful. The skin that forms such a gorgeous contrast with the clothes is from the Platinum Hunt 2 and is by Glam Affair, like the eyes. They’re from an older hunt, though. The classy updo is by Sixty-Nine.

Why Lucrezia, you ask? That’s the name of the earrings and ring by .( bewildebeest ). that Coyo sent my way a while ago. With such a name one simply has to create a lethal femme fatale, even though my colour palette hardly matched the historical figure. The dagger is by Tekeli-li and we all know it is exactly what she is hiding behind her back in the first picture.

Such deeds leave their marks and this prim shadow by Likka*House was so fitting that I had to use it to match the mock-innocent attitude. All the poses are by yours truly and I must confess I made them specifically for Lucrezia. I wanted to show off the rings, I wanted to curtsey and preen and play innocent. So I did.


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