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The Great Roodini!

I’ve -tried- to keep all my rooness in my roo blog, but this was just too squee to resist. I’ve been busy lately with hammering my computer into working order, getting a mesh-enabled viewer running with shadows and playing roo roulette. I’ve in fact been so busy that when I got a subscribo-gift from Pixel Mode today I realized that it was the first mesh-item I have! So obviously I had to try it on and take some pictures. Then I remembered Coyo teasing me about having made a new hat, so I hopped to .( bewildebeest ). to have a look, laughed and came home with it. Now behold: the Great Roodini!

He even has a tiny evil moustache! It’s a freebie from .( bewildebeest ). and it pretty much sealed this concept. The hat is called Portable Butterfly Garden and has tiny flutterbies flittering around the flowers, too. I had to match the throne chair to them, fortunately LISP Bazaar has these chairs out as opening freebies. Re-modeling opening freebies. Some such. The shop has changed layout, there’s fun furniture things to be gained, go see! I also tried to match the moustache without actually wearing one — Sonya absolutely refused, no matter what I tried — so I added a stripey tattoo layer by Fallen Gods Inc. instead. Pose by Mela’s.

Here the Great Roodini is manipulating the young and impressionable entertaining the cublings! Sonya is obviously trying very hard not to laugh and is instead pretending to gaze into the fun puddle pool by Olive Juice. I had considered taking splashy rain pictures, but naturally the Great Roodini trumped that for obvious awesomeness reasons. Hair by Lamb, gloves and fishnets by Sn@tch, skin by League, eyes by Poetic Colors and lashes by Redgrave.

Oh, and obvious mesh disclaimer is obvious: you have to have a viewer able to see mesh and please try demos before purchasing.

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