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52 Colours: Firebrick

For once I actually found something in my inventory when I searched with the exact colour name! I’ve found most of my colour-outfits from my inventory, but usually by either trying stuff on or searching by a base colour name and comparing to the sample. So here’s to Vasha of DV8 for having made an outfit and called the colour right!

Obviously when you dress up in DV8 you have but one direction to go: future! So I added a mask by DV8 to be really matchy, hair + hat by Pocket Mirrors, belt by Loulou&Co and fun geared arm-wraps by Trashville.

Where is Miss Firebrick, you might ask. Except in the future, of course. This is Bladerunner City, Offworld Colonies. Wonderful and extremely fitting place for her, go visit! I’m not really certain if she’s a bad girl up to no good or a good girl just very proficient in kicking behinds. I think I got the handgun back in the Zombie Killer days, but SL had eaten the creator from properties. I’m assuming the Grim in the name refers to Grimly’s Bloodbath and the combat system that was in use in there, though! The combat poses are by Niqotine Poses.

The bar code tattoos are by Gaea Designs, boots by Addictia, skin by The Plastik and the eyes by REPULSE. Most of these are old hunt prizes, not that I’m a hunt-a-holic or anything…


10 thoughts on “52 Colours: Firebrick

  1. Nothing wrong with being a hunt-a-holic, I am definitely one of those… and don’t get me started about Christmas anxiety attacks, I get those too everytime I see a week countdown! You look great though, YAY for DV8… Miss Firebrick looks like the kinda girl you wouldn’t wanna mess with, so can I be on your side if there is a battle lol? LOVE IT

  2. Miss Firebrick wishes to thank you all and promises to own the next Bond-movie to you! *grins*

    Nic: So I see, great pictures!

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