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52 Colours: Bronze

This is one of those colours where I knew immediately exactly what my Miss Bronze would be. Clockwork doll, no way around it. I’ll take this opportunity to also remind you all that Steam Hunt has started again, although the things Miss Bronze wears are old and not from this hunt. Still, it’ll take a while before I’ve dug myself through Twisted loots and will have the time to hit the Steam properly, so thought I’d mention it already!

And so, without further ado: “Once upon a time there was a clockwork doll…”

The marvelous bronze-toned doll skin and mechanical head are actually from the last spring’s round of Steam Hunt, by Secret Shelf. So perfect, so fitting.

“When no one was looking, she exchanged her gears for a human head, hoping to see the world better this way.”

The golden face tattoo is by Fallen Gods Inc., and seemed perfect for the little dolly. I also added make-up tattoo layers for dark eyes and a lip stripe, both by The Plastik. The clockwork eyes are by Frick. The mechano-guts are by Grim Bros.

“Behold, the world was a marvelous place, full of exciting shiny temptations everywhere…”

The dress is also by Frick and although it’s mostly more brass, the darker accents were rather clearly bronze and worked well with the clockwork concept. The stunningly surreal hair is by The Stringer Mausoleum.

“Try as she might, she was trapped on her pedestal, unable to find a way to the glittering city of promises.”

The mechanical hand is an old hunt prize by Yellow Jester and the butterfly key is by CFF — unfortunately SL had eaten the creator name, so I’m unsure which shop that actually is. Alas.

“In the end, there was only one way out of the tower.”

The shoes are by Grim Bros as well, and my absolute favorite steampunk shoes. The poses used were by Creative Insanity (1 & 3), Niqotine Poses (2&4) and Estetica (5). Miss Bronze’s Glittering City is in Omega Point. If you’ve never been there, do visit and explore. It’s rather breathtaking.


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